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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i'm doing some research and here are some links:
How To Find the Planetary Ley Lines.

HAARP is either a: research station (conspiracy debunk) OR a weather modification/nasty something-or-other military project (radarmatrix--the site that was "debunked"--click home).

the haarp conspiracy is related to the orgone atmospheric flow--
Earth's magnetic field is the flow of orgone circulating through the core of the planet and out back to the opposite pole via the Van Allen Belts" (ley line article)
the haarp is supposed to do something with the magnetosphere and the ionosphere.

cloudbusting experiment
craziness about bigfoot and... potassium. and i mean craziness.

i've lost my zeal for the web lately, sorry


Blogger JPLUR said...

youve lost zeal for adding titles to your post as well. Making it not show up in my RSS listings.

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