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Monday, August 25, 2003

Slobodan Milosevic and the Balkan invasion

Well, this entry isn't too well thought out, just some notes for future review.

The Emperor's New Clothes has a lot to say about Slobodan Milosevic. Was he really a war criminal? I mean really? Why did we bomb the shit out of Serbia?
Taking a look at the globe, imperial America has now occupied the Balkans. The next country over is Belgrade, then Turkey. Then IRAQ. the U.S. is in IRAQ. We've got Israel. (When I say, "we've got", i mean whoever it is that's in charge here which isn't necessarily the U.S. proper)
We've also got Afghanistan. Right inbetween Afghanistan and Iraq is Iran.
Saudi Arabia is on the horizon, as is Iran, and probably every other piddly nation like Syria and Jordan.

It looks to me like a grab for a region encompassing the middle east. The balkans are part of the southeastern part of europe (which is the northwestern border of this region i'm talking about). Now, our army has actually occupied 3 major states in this area, covering the northwestern, the central, and the eastern parts. This is on top of whatever assets we have in the oceans, in Israel, in friendly military bases all over the Arabian peninsula (the southern part).
Take a look at Somalia. Somalia is the Eastern Tip of Africa, just south of the Arabian peninsula.

Interventionism 101 - New US Military Bases: Side Effects or Causes of War?


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