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Thursday, August 14, 2003

9-11 a HOAX

Yeah, I knew it since about 9-12.
Here's a pretty good summary of a) alternative scenarios to hijacking and b) the technicalities behind 1) remote-control of the flights 2) why the cell-phone calls couldn't have come from the flights in the air and 3) etc

Ghost Riders in the Sky by A.K. Dewdney.

You know, I haven't used cell-phones all that much, but even on the ground with poor coverage, it can be pretty hard to identify the person you're talking to (this depends on the type of service). Now imagine at a supposed 30,000 feet, someone under duress.

Then there's the matter of why Air Force Jets, already on alert nearby, weren't scrambled to intercept any of the 3 flights that actually hit something, even though they had about an hour.

There's more in this article (and even more detail on other sites).


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