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Monday, August 11, 2003

Who's Really Pulling the Strings?

Sherman Skolnic has a lot to say about corruption, linking assassinations, every presidential scandal, big business, foreign intelligence services, and especially the courts. ALOT of information.

So I guess it's all about corruption. Manipulation and diplomacy.
Lies and coverups and disinformation are being produced. These are uncovered. It's a waterfall of lies, corruption, murder.
It is a pattern of power. a mainstream movie about JFK, so that 35 years after the fact the conspiracy can be widely known.

Here's a simple explanation. The rate at which the shit is produced is greater or equal to the rate at which it is understood. The volume of influence the shit has is definitely greater than the volume of influence of the truth.
It's a shitstorm and some dudes are passing out umbrellas, but the shitmakers have an unfathomable edge on the production of the shit versus the umbrella-makers production.

It's not a matter of get rid of the right people. Maybe there is a certain type of person that naturally gravitates, through greed, to power. And no one else can hold power when surrounded by the greedy cause they get shot.

Here's an impossibility: Ruling-class genocide. The rich, the powerful.

Stated purpose of this blog is to discover "who's really pulling the strings". Here's the problem: Every greedy motherfucker on the planet pulls some strings and does their best to keep the strings covered up. Red herrings everywhere and who knows where the tree of strings ends? It may not end.

Who's really pulling the Strings? GREED


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