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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Milosevic not a war-criminal?!?! NATO guilty of ethnic-cleansing but claims they're stopping it?!

A quickie article on the bullshit in Yugoslavia.

"Serbia has never had only Serbs living in it. Today, more than in the past, members of other peoples and nationalities also live in it. This is not a disadvantage for Serbia. I am truly convinced that it is its advantage..."

"For as long as multinational communities have existed, their weak point has always been the relations between different nations. The threat is that the question of one nation being endangered by the others can be posed one day -- and this can then start a wave of suspicions, accusations, and intolerance, a wave that invariably grows and is difficult to stop. This threat has been hanging like a sword over our heads all the time. Internal and external enemies of multi-national communities are aware of this and therefore they organize their activity against multinational societies mostly by fomenting national conflicts. At this moment, we in Yugoslavia are behaving as if we have never had such an experience and as if in our recent and distant past we have never experienced the worst tragedy of national conflicts that a society can experience and still survive."
--Milosevic in a 1989 speech

"Since NATO took over Kosovo in June 1999, it has employed an army of forensic experts in Kosovo. These folks have dug up half the province, accompanied by frequent press conferences in which various NATO and War Crimes Tribunal types promised to find mass graves with tens of thousands of victims of Serbian brutality. In fact, they have produced none - no mass graves, no Serbian atrocities. Digging up individual graves all over Kosovo, they found fewer than 3000 bodies. NATO has said 2000 people died before the bombing of Yugoslavia, that is, before the supposed 'ethnocide' took place. That leaves 1000. We know that hundreds of people died in NATO bombing and hundreds more in fighting on the ground between the KLA and Yugoslav troops."


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