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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Doomsday and Noam Chomsky

Doomsday weapons developed by US Russia, and Aum, a Japanese Cult. The Players are unimportant.
SGI (Soka Gekkei International, a "Buddhist" cult) turns out to be sinister and in conflict with Aum.
HAARP a missile shield.
Read here.

New legislation to ban any useful gun.
Activists target of airport security AT THE VERY LEAST.

America sticks its fingers into Africa.

After reading Chomsky:
South America repeatedly put down by U.S.
Repeatedly revolution squashed, military coups, democracies invaded.

Prisons are SLAVE LABOR.
laws get harder to obey, private business owns more prisons
SLAVE LABOR--largest percentage of population in prison in the world.

activists pick one cause, maybe make headway, maybe get some legislation.
result--put on a list by the feds and watched and fingered for security

FRAGMENT the population
make the ECONOMY individualistic
no common humanity
have to get an education in order to survive
a job you hate to buy insurance and keep up the car and mortgage
and the MASTERS keep driving the economy down, throwing us bones and propaganda, making this the largest penal colony in the history of the world.

POSSIBLY: mind control devices in development or already in place
TV--patents exist for using TV as mind-control.
i mean, on top of the constant advertising and propaganda!
cell phones and cars with GPSs
cell phones effects on human brain?
NEXT generation of cell phones effects? (GEt everyone to own a cell phone and THEN push thru the brainwave devices in the newest generation of products.)

Northern Ireland's new Police communications = Mind Control ?!?!

RFID chips have potential for bugging, tracking, control.

THE WHOLE ECONOMY is based around having to struggle for your individual gain. Meanwhile, the prison walls are erected.

This isn't a democracy in trouble. It's not a matter of LEFT/RIGHT. It's not a matter of our foreign policy or even a new constitution. It's a matter of whoever holds the power, is fucking every human on the planet up the ass with a very large unlubed corporate skyscraper dick. Killing Starving Torturing = NOT A PROBLEM FOR THE POWER.

OUR ECONOMY IS TOTALLY out of line with the basic teachings of every human religion: LOVE your neighbor. Share your shit.

Death to the PUPPET-MASTERS.


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