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Monday, November 20, 2006

reptiles, greys, and computers

here's something i've been thinking about. just a sketch, for the moment:

that african shaman, credo mutwa (interviewed by david icke, the video is on that link), talks about reptilians running everything, and how the greys are part of that show. how far back this goes, and how humans were possibly created by these aliens. (another interview)

this video talks about contact between the greys and the americans in about the 50s. an exchange of technologies. first contact made via binary language (other than grey crash-victim hostages).

the exponential rate of increase of computer technology.

the african/voodoo divination system, IFA, which is equivalent to a byte.
(256 possibilites = 2^8 = 8 bits)

is it all connected? are computers part of the grey/reptilian agenda?

ie. hypothesis: the reptilian/grey gods created mankind in africa, gave them a divination system, computers continually generate and use numbers within that divination system, computers came from the gods, computers are a tool of the gods, mankind is becoming more and more enmeshed in these tools of the gods.


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