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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

U.S. directly instigating sectarian killings with EM weapons?

i cant help but wondering if the crazy shit going down in baghdad (brutal massacres of random civilians a la civil war) isn't being created by the americans. yeah the americans probably created the conditions for this shit, and maybe the sunni-shite rift goes way back (even though i read bloggers state over and over that there was no religious animosity before the americans invaded). no, what i'm talking about is along the lines of mass mind control

remember those frequency weapons that could be used to pacify a square mile or so? the ones that inadvertantly struck american soldiers with stupidity, causing them to wander about in a daze? just a different frequency. a different application. hatred. animosity. actually reading the article, apparently the same frequency that causes pacification can also cause violence.

these are known to have been deployed.

other: microwave pain weapons


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