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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

AIDS, the genocide tool, in Africa.

Infection rates of AIDS in Africa circa 1999.
Alan Cantwell interviewed on the man-made origins of AIDS, earlier mentioned in this blog. Originally intended for homosexuals. I found a great zine on this once. Basically, the first cases of AIDS all occured in two groups of young homosexual men who had volunteered for an experimental hepatitis B vaccine in New York and San Francisco. I think virtually all of them got it and died. They were specifically selected for their promiscuity.

Ie. put an add in the paper for young male healthy promiscous men. get a couple thousand of em. give them all an uncurable and engineered disease. watch it spread. repeat in Africa to get rid of those pesky black people that have been such a thorn in the side of the white imperialists for so long. well, thorn in the side OR slave.

here's a wikipedia summation of the various theories.
here is one of the key points that piqued my interest in that aforementioned pamphlet.

now, in opposition to these theories, lemme state that coincidence does not mean conspiracy. ie. the fact that the government was researching something along those lines does not mean it created it. synchronicity--when things happen coincidentally in an extremely non-random AND non-causative fashion. synchronicity points to the fabric of the universe. it may in fact be the fabric of the universe.


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