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Thursday, November 02, 2006

americans planning a coup in iraq

rumors of a planned coup brewing in iraq. with the aid of the americans. so much for DEMOCRACY. oh wait, isn't this exactly what we've done all over south america? foment coups and spout nonsense about building democracies?

i still suspect that the whole point of war with islam is GENOCIDE.
oh look, we happen to have used DU all over the place. oops! we're just trying to pierce the armor of.. of... uh..

oh, how wonderful! all of the lands inhabited by muslims embroiled in war and strewn with cancer inducing radioactive shards of metal. (not all of the lands, you say? just wait.)

i mean, we can still pull oil out of the ground so long as we either suit up with radiation-protective suits, or "employ" local help.

cancers and other radiation-caused sicknesses are increasing rapidly in afghanistan and iraq (and probably yugoslavia). oh and in gulf-war syndrome veterans. DU has a half-life of billions of years. that increase is not going to stop. it's not a temporary thing. i dont know at what saturation point there stops being more cancers. perhaps when 100% of the inhabitants have them. whatever point it stops rising at, is where it will stay. for the future of humanity in the birthplace of humanity.

lemme go a step further. turn the birthplace of civilization into a giant slaughterhouse. a black magic ritual killing off of great numbers of peoples. fomenting sectarian hatreds, random killings. "satanist" high priests of the american military/elite using the energy. fiction? maybe. it's hard not to ascribe such horrors to the leaders of an empire that have continually lied and killed millions of people throughout the world and throughout the years.

what i'm saying is, they're CERTAINLY NOT GOOD CHRISTIANS.


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