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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

updated san francisco terror attack info and psychic wave crashes ashort in santa cruz

my source says she didnt have any info on this happening yesterday (9/11), that was just a hunch cause of the date.
if it happens, it'll most likely be on the end of the bay bridge closest to san francisco. there's some construction there--a retrofitting or refitting of the bridge (short description and more details and pics). she has no date, just some visions (along with her friend) of a dark energy there having to do with terrorism, the police state, blowing things up, and the construction crew working on it. these were visions seen while actually looking at the bridge. two psychics saw this dark energy come and envelop the site.

like i said before i dont know if this is believable or accurate info, i'm just reporting it.

on a related note, another psychic source witnessed a psychic wave of oppression come from the ocean in santa cruz. august 12, 2006, about 10 am. supposedly that lasted for a long time and may not have abated. this was something that many other people she talked to in santa cruz witnessed. imagine a tsunami of negative emotion crashing into the coast. perhaps going far inland. perhaps just continuing across the land. no info on that aspect. no info on how wide the area of effect was.

these two etheric events may be related. i am not sure.


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