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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

3letter acronym agencies and their wacky acrobatics

this site is being hacked--> a conspiracy video site. someone is phishing bank accounts from his site and the bank wanted him to leave it be. he thinks he may be being setup for a fall.
wayne madsen has been yelling about identify theft being perpetrated by elements inside the (secret) government. i never took him seriously. especially as he's former nsa (i think).

list of cia front companies, and another one, and another big one, and, oh you get the idea. note: i have not personally substantiated these. :) thinking about that william blum book i read, i got the impression that most or many of the major news outlets around the world have been infiltrated by the cia. they certainly were whenever a country was targetted with an operation.

hi guys.


Blogger JPLUR said...

Did you read about when NPR realized that all of its interns one year were psych-ops?

PS the 911 Towers were an inside job :(

7:07 PM  

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