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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Money Masters

hasbara (sourcewatch, wikipedia)
the manual for jewish students in the states
or how to win arguments for israel
it's interesting. not trying to draw any conclusions here. saw it at xymphora, read some of it.
the following is more interesting:

i'm watching this great movie i bittorrented, called, "The Money Masters".
look it up. download it. it's over 3 hours total. or here's the google video.
you'll learn all about the cause of America's woes, including wars, civil wars, along with the rest of the world's problems. it all has to do with private banking.
basically, The Federal Reserve isn't federal, and has no money in reserve. they own us all. Andrew Jackson, the president, considered his greatest triumph the defeat of the private central bank. Lincoln fought against this too (and the movie claims that he died for it, that the civil war was all about the private banks from europe trying to divide and conquer the u.s.)

The author of this movie claims that all of the problems of the U.S. and probably the world could be solved if we just reigned in the private banks. get rid of the debt to private central banks. issue money from governments. get off of the gold standard. remove the central banks power to cause depressions at will, thereby vastly increasing their shareholders profits.

keyword: Rothschilds. hey, whaddya know, the two topics are related. Walter Rothschild, recipient of the Balfour Declaration, a landmark in establishing a Zionist state (England committed to establish a Jewish Israel in 1917).


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