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Monday, September 18, 2006

the 9/11 trick

the WTC towers represented the worldwide banking institutions and corporations. basically, the rich power elite that keep everyone else in poverty, war, and sickness.
whether 9/11 was a terrorist job or an inside job, we have the american people remembering, with honor and regret, the destruction of the biggest symbol of the money oligarchy.

what a neat trick that was. a sacrifice. people honor the WTC towers as if the towers themselves were heroes. in my opinion, and i might just be representing the majority of the poor and oppressed of the world in this matter, the WTC towers were pretty fucking evil.

did they blow up a school? no. did they blow up a bunch of fire houses? no. how about a college, or a small town? no. the tallest buildings in the world, with the richest corporations and banks housed inside. money brokerers, traders, usury-pushing motherfuckers, expensive lawyers. these were the elite. and now we pray for them and treat them as if they were fucking heroes for getting blown up.

if it was a terrorist attack--they reaped what they sowed. if it was an inside job, we all got tricked into supporting our oppressors.

here's the tenants of the WTC on 9/11
building 1 (all floors hit by the plane belonged to an insurance company, Marsh USA),
building 2,
building 7. ("According to the New York Times and CBS News, one of the federal agencies listed below was incorrect, as it was actually used as a front for CIA operations")
now this building is really interesting. it was almost entirely made up of Salomon Smith Barney, which is now Citigroup, the largest company in the world. the rest of the tenants were the secret service, the securities and exchange commission, and american express. one of these 4 is actually a cia front. could it be citigroup??? (google "citigroup cia") the articles on cbs and wikipedia arent clear about who was the cia front.


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