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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Good Planning

i was talking to a friend about astrology and 911. the astrology of that event is fantastic and very telling. but it also seems that someone planned it. so there is the possibility of some sort of occult secret brotherhood knowing just the right days to do things. that sounds awful conspiratorial, but skip to the last paragraph for an explanation.

check this out
some sort of illegal money borrowing done by senior bush, oly north, etc that would have been due the day after 911. all records go down in the north tower's collapse. plus, the naval int agency investigating it was hit in the pentagon strike

now THAT's some planning.

or maybe these people are like avatars. the tips of the waves caused by the tides. the tip of mars' spear. the lucky few who fall into place and are at the forefront of astrological events of humongous proportions.


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