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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Martial Law in New Orleans. Does this mean anything?

Condoleeze Rice is booed and yelled at in New York City for buying expensive shoes and watching a play instead of doing something about the Gulf Coast disaster.

I dont know if this means anything, but effectively there IS martial law in some of the areas that were devastated, especially New Orleans. Is this just the beginning? I REALLY don't know. It just struck me that maybe it'll blossom from there. "While some fight the insurgency in the city, other carry on with rescue and evacuation operations."

I got a horoscope in the mail that seemed to show the roots of New Orleans destruction (if you want to believe in that sort of thing). Ie. wars, disasters, social movements are all spun by the planet's web of movement. Essentially it was a transit of the planets Pluto and Uranus, the planets most responsible for revolution and destruction.

Astrology is essentially like the following statement: The Gods did it. I know it's pretty popular to believe that if something bad happens it's God's will. Well, astrology goes back to the Pagan gods: Mars, Venus, Hermes, Zeus, etc. Actually, it's not just Pagan. It's just not the monotheistic concept of God. Just split up the monotheistic God into his component parts. Astrology never says the planets/gods are independent. They do orbit around at their own rates, so we use their positions in the zodiac and relative to each other to understand things. Our human conception can only grok parts of the whole, eg. a few planets and their positions at a time. For instance, through looking at the positions of the planets when a person is born, one can build up a picture of their disposition and much, much more. But you have to start at "Where is the Sun? Where is the Moon? What angle do they form? Where is Venus, Mercury, etc, etc?"

Over a few thousands years, a pretty good body of knowledge, myth, and error has built up about the positions of the planets and their effects.

And btw, the chart for 911 is pretty telling.

Planet Waves Astrology.


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