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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Fill in the Blanks

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First off, weather modification is a reality. Governments have it, citizens have it. Keywords: Tesla Technology, HAARP, Cloudbusters.

Second, remember how 9-11 was the catalyst for a militarization change? A police state change? There is considerable evidence that runs along a continuum from total conspiracy to negligence. Perhaps even the official truth is right, but then you all remember the Warren Commission? JFK was killed by a magically reversing-direction bullet. And of course, the government lies about pretty much everything. Scott McClellan doesn't look like an honest guy.

Katrina is such a catalyst. It is possible that the hurricane was created. By either "terrorists", enemy states, our own state, rogue elements within some state (ours or theirs), global warming, and even New Age well-wishers trying to get rid of chemtrails in Omaha. Regardless, the results are a possible gentrification of New Orleans, a possible outbreak of disease (as hospitals and bio-weapon primate research labs were possibly underwater, plus all of the bodies and sewage), a use of army troops to enforce law, probable Halliburton contracts, distraction from the war.

No comment on the vast amounts of aid from other countries that has been refused. The Cuban doctors, for instance. Or on all of the rescue-workers refused entry into the city. Or the vast amounts of food and water aid that went undistributed until the situation was totally out of hand. Or the reported cutting of communication lines by FEMA, the jamming of telecommunications, etc. I guess that is a comment.

I wonder how many will make the connection between the refugee situation of New Orleans, and the battlefield cities of Iraq and Afghanistan. People are run out of their city, losing track of family, with many who stay behind dying from a massive force (hurricanes/military bombardment). The latest assault on a city called Talafar is displacing a couple hundred thousand, leaving maybe a hundred thousand (?) inside the city for bombardment, house to house blowing up of shit by tanks, reported chemical weapon usage, etc. But since this is done in the name of freedom, Hurricane America isn't on the weather maps stateside.

Like I said in an earlier entry, Throw all of the viewpoints together--conspiracy, act of god, politics--left and right, astrology (planetary alignment). Regardless of the cause of 9-11, the results are apparent and were predictable. So too Hurricane Katrina.


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