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Friday, September 23, 2005

Weather Engineering and War

Here's an interview with a weatherman who believes that hurricane Katrina was man-made. Attacks on America's economy is what this is. If there are people blowing up levees, perhaps they're enemy agents?

I don't know how debilitating a ruined economy would be to our war-making abilities. It seems that the Middle-East wars are largely about oil, and the hurricanes are crippling domestic oil production.

Btw, the players are Russia and the Yakuza.
This is Tom Bearden's website, index page 2, in which he talks about weather engineering. Tom Bearden is part of a team that has developed a viable free-energy device (it is claimed). He also puts out a text on the new EM-theories that are used to engineer such devices. They are given free to students!

It is Bearden's opinion, that we are in some deep shit. He expects the electrical grid to be taken down with a couple years.

And here is the counter-argument: Bearden is a disinformation specialist. What a great agent he would make, holding a very esteemed position in the free-energy circles. He is, after all, a former military man. However, his MEG (free-energy device) has been replicated by others, including J L Naudin, demonstrating it's validity (unless those guys are agents too, or you totally
I watched this BBC special, "The Power of Nightmares". It shows how Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz all were saying that Russia really WAS a threat in the 70s onward, when all evidence was to the contrary. Now, I've picked up bits of info here and there that purport that Russia WAS a threat due to its advanced weapons research. It was researching two things (that I have heard of) that America didn't get into until 20 years later or so: ESP and scalar weapons. That's remote-viewing and weather/natural disaster modification and creation.

This wouldn't exonerrate the neocons, as they demonstrably lie all the time, but it would indicate that, as leaders of a war-making country, they are cognizant of the current state of their enemies' weapons.

What if the inside job terrorist attacks were really done by enemy agents? Well, it's noble, but there's too much shifty information about such people as the owner of the WTC towers, etc.


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