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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Geomancers of the Telluric Grids

So theres a huge stone complex in Homestead, Florida. Built of coral blocks from 5 to 30 tons, and organized with all sorts of stellar alliances, alters, and giant chairs. The funny thing is that it was built from 1920 - 1940 by one man, Edward Leedskalnin. This guy emigrated from Latvia, was working in the lumber industry, then all of a sudden moved to florida and began building his complex. He worked in secret at night with his own tools he made from scraps from the junkyard. When he moved his complex he hired a truck-driver, on the condition that the blocks were loaded onto the truck in secret, Apparently high school kids had a story that at night he would float the blocks through the air. He lived the hermits life, in his complex, reading from his own library of magnetic current and cosmic forces when he wasn't working. Read it up.

So heres also a bunch of links about the Telluric Grid, this invisible web of lines that is supposed to run around the earth All of these 'ancient mystery' megalithic complexes are built upon nodes of this web, which the ancients, and Edward Leedskalnin, could find. This fits in with the legends of ancients moving huge blocks of stone with the sounds of flutes, and why people can find all sorts of wierd mathmatical corilations in the positioning of these sites.

The Planetary Grids
Some mathmatical equasions about it
In England they called them 'Ley Lines', in Austrailia the path of the rainbow serpent, in china 'Dragon Paths'.

They found a really wierd antennae under the ocean, 1000 miles south of the Cape Horn, in really 'inhospitable seas,' and internet people claim it is an amplifier for telluric forces. The picture is really rad.
More equasions of its locations/ UFO's travelling in the air along the telluric lines (maby helps them float).



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