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Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Elite

2 things:
one, i could be wrong about this high cabal
or maybe there are a couple of em

two, what if the rulers of the humans aren't the same type of human as the rest of us? or what if they're not strictly homo sapiens? what if it's something like the ant species that can only survive by enslaving other ant species? Polyergus breviceps, pictures. some species that uses humans as slaves (and maybe food, like vampires). there's a fair number of species that humans have enslaved, domesticated, conditioned, etc: horses, dogs, cats, cows, sheep, pigs, mice, monkeys, farmed fish, etc. what if we, in turn, are domesticated?

look at modern media. modern religion. politics. science. culture. it's all very limited, in that the real neat advances are burried in a sludge of bullshit. over and over, there's someone at the top enforcing this return to the mundane. the conditioned. the managed civilization. when i say top, i mean, heads of religion, heads of politics, heads of business.
but what if, there are heads to those heads. things that call the shots. like a farmer herding cattle, selecting which ones to breed, slaughtering the appropriate ones. or a scientist running an experiment with thousands of rats. or vaccine makers using a bunch of monkeys for trials and replication. or the dudes who own viacom, voting machines, automobile industry, oil industry, arms, etc. or the vatican. or the chinese premiere. or george bush #2 (as in "i gotta go #2" :))

why not go up a level or two beyond what most people see, or can even conceive of? vampires. aliens. really smart humanoids. a royal family that's super-secret and super-powerful.

one thing i'm pretty sure about this elite, if they exist, is that they are not interested in the easing of humanity's suffering. somewhat akin to how humans treat livestock, or each other in fact.
another thing i'm pretty sure about is that they have the best guns. and probably fly around in ufos. which is not to say that all ufos would be containing the elite.

man, i'd like to hang out in that dulce, NM base for a while, and just get a feel for the neighborhood of alien races and high technology.

and i'd really like to meet with one of them and say, "look, dude. have some compassion. how about just giving us a chance to do our own thing for a while." or, failing that, wouldn't it be supercool to be part of a human revolution against elite masters?
i'd fight reptilian overlords any day. hell, i'll be a human bomb against the greys from zeti reticuli, if it's necessary. i wont be a human bomb against humans. that's just fucking stupid.
(note to nsa: this is not an admission or statement of intent to be a terrorist. your masters' wars are too fucked up for me to want to get involved.)

it's really difficult to revolt against someone you can't see. especially when everyone is busy fighting each other; squaring off into dualistic camps in every aspect of life, particularly global war.

maybe some day, a commando team of ragtag ex-military will go deep into one of those underground bases, and do some real damage.
what a hell of a movie that would make: crack team sneaks into dulce, NM. penetrates layer after layer in disguise. scenes of fantastic inventions, terrible genetic experiments, awesome aliens. and finally, a transmission of video, with some sort of proof on the outside. the head of an alien commander displayed and quickly genetically verified to be authentically biological. a national network taken hostage, to show the world our alien masters. panic by the government, martial law. and a revolt by the citizens. as they cast off heavy burdens on their minds, their shackles to the culture keeping them docile. ...years later, the new generation grows up strong and smart--proud of their heroic mothers and fathers. no longer under the influence of mind-inhibiting chemicals in their food and drink, no longer suffering under massive EM-radiation bombardment, no longer believing in the silly religions and philosophies imposed upon them by the priestly caste, minds open to all possibilities of science and meditation. wonderful lovers all.

You with me kids? ;)


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