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Sunday, April 25, 2004


British Scientists Demand Warnings For Cellular Phones
"The electromagnetic energy that fuels a cellphone is microwave radiation pulsing from its antenna. Human brains may absorb up to 60 percent of that energy, and although some researchers say those levels are far from hazardous, they are near the top end of international safety recommendations."

"...artificial electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can pose a health risk..scientific research which shows that very low, non-thermal levels of radio frequency and microwave radiation alters the basic biochemistry of cells, which have a potential to cause altered brain function, carcinogenesis and impaired immune system functioning..."

The Adelaide Hospital Research "at least a doubling of the rate of lymphomas in specially sensitive mice when they were exposed to daily 2 hour doses of GSM handset-level mobile phone radiations for only 18 months."

Cell Phones make rat brains hemorrhage after one use or Neuroscience: A Swedish study links mobile phones to brain damage. In rats, anyway. It ain't just about cancer, folks.

So, search on google, you'll find out more.
My personal belief is that, not only are cell-phones bad for you, but they are intended to subdue the general population. This is through whatever EM radiation comes out of your cell phone AND the cell phone towers.

Ladies and gentlemen. Call me a paranoid chicken little, but how much do we really understand about the ubiqutous cell phone towers? You all realize that it is a proven scientific fact that you can drastically alter a human's brain through radiation. Apply some scientific experimentation to this, and you have MIND CONTROL.

Short list of real obvious candidates for mass-population mind control.
Something in the water.
Add to that the mass-media Propaganda

Yeah, it's a crazy thought, right? That Some sinister agency is bent on warping the nation's minds. That the way you are conditioned, that what you were taught in school, that what you read in the papers is bullshit.
But wait, you can conceive of this happening in CHINA, OR THE FORMER USSR, right? Definitely North Korea. Fucking Commies.

Is it that hard to conceive that the most powerful military/intelligence apparatus on the planet, 60 years after creating an atomic bomb, would have figured out the relatively simpler problem of controlling human brains?

want more evidence? google mind control. look for the historical documentation of actual brain implants. filter out what you see as fluff. i guarantee you that if you keep searching, even while you disbelieve the idea, you will find something that is actually a documented experiment in mind control.
here's one. MK-ULTRA
here's a collection Mind Control The Ultimate Terror

Now, the web is full of stuff. All sorts of people posting wacky beliefs. Activists calling out for their cause.
And i do the same.
The web is also full of disinformation, the CIA/NSA/etc providing.
So this is tricky. In a way I believe in mind control. In an abstract way. Just like I believe in the sun being really really far away. Or in the existence of my own death.

Knowing what the CIA and the military do around the world will give you some idea of what they will do to the American population. To war-governments, the people are always a resource. You have to control them. You have to indoctrinate them. And today, you gotta pump em full of chemicals in their food and drink, radiation in their think.


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