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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Free Energy

The Tom Bearden (free energy) website.

"Unlimited clean energy from the vacuum" (no more fossil fuels, nuclear waste, batteries, electrical bills, etc.).
Scalar weapons (weather mod, missile defense, earthquake/volcano generation).

For at least 70 years, scientists have been making generators that just apparently give energy freely. Ie. not from burning coal, nuclear reactions, etc. Various government agencies have been suppressing and buying off these inventions, and occasionally, assassinating their inventors.

So in my mind there are these possibilities:
1. The fossil fuel/energy racket wants to keep people paying their bills--it's a crucial part of wage slavery and the capitalism game.
2. The free-energy machines really fuck up the local space-time.
There is the additional possibility that pollution is an intended consequence. That is planetary terraforming.

Note that the same players who have scalar weaponry (Russia, the Yakuza, the U.S. included) suppress "free energy".


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