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Thursday, February 19, 2004


Here I go, I'm gonna lose all credibility with you, dear reader.
I'll direct your attention to the first entries of this blog (look in the archives).
But first, Mel Gibson's Father Says Holocaust exaggerated.

Everyone that I ever bring this up to has a kneejerk reaction.
"Captain Boog! I can't believe you!" Blah blah blah etc

After all, everything else the media tells us is a lie. Practically every thing I was taught about the Indians, thanksgiving, the civil war, etc etc, was a lie.
In every fucking American's head there is this region in which YOU CANNOT GO. YOU CANNOT QUESTION THE HOLOCAUST! It's like questioning the flag, or not being a patriot, ONLY STRONGER!

AMERICANS ARE MORE UNITED BEHIND THE BELIEF IN THE 6 MILLION JEW HOLOCAUST than in anything else (that i can think of). And there's very little sense of perspective, such as, how many civilians have died in other wars?


Now, if you follow me, here's my next question to you and me: If it is in fact a lie, what is being hidden by the lie? What, if anything, is the lie covering up?

Speculation folks.


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