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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

How to unite a world through war

Build 2 Super-States that gather most of the other states into their conflict.
Everything becomes black and white and empires are formed.

Within the states, channel all political leadership into a managed network.
The revolutionaries work outside and are easily visible.
Targets for the intelligence apparatus.
Targets for the Media apparatus.
The disinfo and slander function.

Give yourself a couple hundred years to perfect your methods.

Make sure all sides have supplies.
Two systems that are opposite on only one dimension, but otherwise the same.
Ie. Capital: Private or Public. Religion: Allah or God? (Or Allah vs. Yahweh, or God vs. Yahweh a few generations ago.) American Politics: Left or Right?

Maybe it's just a dualistic thing. A natural growth rather than some managed conflict. Either way it's bullshit.


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