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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Antony Sutton.....and how the West has armed the Commies

Find his book, Western Technology And Soviet Economic Development.
Read the Conclusions chapters of the third volume.
The basic point: virtually all of Soviet industrial innovation was the result of Western aid.
Virtually all of Soviet military development was the result of Western aid.
The Soviet ARMY was built by the West.

Repeatedly, the U.S. Defense Department would say "Don't give this technology to the Russians! Don't allow this industrial plant to be built in Russia by an American company! They will build arms using it!". Repeatedly the U.S. State Department would poo-poo this and ok it.
From automobile plants, to ball bearings used only in missiles, to explosives, etc.

The author, Sutton, reaches the conclusion of gross incompetence in the U.S. Leadership.
This author, ME, reaches the conclusion of a manufactured threat, ie. a conspiracy to create the Communist Menace.

Now, I haven't read the rest of his books yet (will update when I do), but I suspect, and I remember reading glimpses of this, that we are doing the same thing with CHINA. Remember this story? Rumsfeld was on board Of Company That Sold North Korea two nuclear power plants.

Well, shit. Looks like it basically is one world government after all. Except for the insurgents, and the little piddly countries in the third world that we're not currently dominating. (Are there any? I'm not sure.)


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