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Friday, November 04, 2005


The Rape of Nanking:

A People's behavior can be based on an image. Nationalism. Religion. A popular conception of a historical event. Another People's behavior can be based on an opposite image of the same event.
These are historical events.
How does one find the truth and judge the perceptions of nations? Historians. Books. Opinions. Hard facts are hard to find. One has to trust the finder.
At all parts of the chain of news, learning, wisdom, knowledge, music, books, slang, religion, magic, it is human perception. If you happen to be at the source of an event, it is your own human perception.
The laws that govern the evolution of societal perceptions and opinions: are they known? How much of what you and I believe is false when tested by cold hard fact, but is believed to be true by our ancestors, peers, society, clique, or any group of communicating humans? Is there truth? Can one replace true-false with EARTH AIR WATER FIRE? Or Yin-yang? Or 64 Hexagrams, or 360 sabian symbols, or the symbols of the Tarot?

Everyone's perceptions are numbers. A string of code. Every symbol is meaningless to the person, as what they see is true. But there are x number of other symbols that complete that circle of meaning. Like Aries in the Zodiac. It needs Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Good and Evil. Rape of Nanking happened <--> didn't happen. Holocaust <--> No-Holocaust. Republican<--> Democrat.

Anyway, no one could ever know the math of it, but it is a good representation of the range of perspectives.

Think of it as binary code streaming. Like an mp3 streaming, playing. That is your life. Only it is not only binary. It is from between 1 and infinity. It is probably always infinity. So mathematically understand and describe it with some X whose behavior can be understand in the full range of between 1 and infinity.

There's X points of observation (lives). There's X points to observe (time alive). X possibilities of each observation. And then flesh that out with X-3 more sets of points to make an X^X set of points.

For X=infinity, I think the equation can cover everything (and everytime) in life and death, giving them all unique coordinates. Study small X to learn the rules of X^X.


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