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Monday, November 21, 2005

the origins of al-qaeda are actually an email/intranet database
fuck. you gotta read that blog post.
so the origins of al-qaeda are definitely CIA and other covert agency-related. this doesn't preclude the possibility of al-qaeda revolting against its creators and really doing the terrorist thing independently, but everytime i hear al-qaeda did something i think "al-CIAda" did something.

this site has a lot of good stuff,. here's the root link. (Think: Western-state-sponsored terrorism unveiled.)
Another Day in the Empire.

"Fake terrorism leading to the dismantlement of civil liberties is the raison d’être of all authoritarian governments, from Hitler’s “Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich” (the Enabling Act, dismantling civil liberties in Germany after the torching of the Reichstag, an act of arson claimed by Hermann Goering, Hitler’s deputy and legal heir) to Bush’s contrived war on terrorism in the wake of the nine eleven inside job."
- Another Day in the Empire.


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