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Friday, February 03, 2006

Odd coincidences in Denmark and a restatement of the Venutian/Luciferian conspiracy

It seems to be an odd coincidence that Royal Dutch Shell just reported record profits, and a Danish newspaper has inflamed the entire Muslim world by printing some bad cartoons (within the context of wars being fought, to some degree, over access to oil in largely Muslim areas).

Also, in a probably completely unrelated fashion (this is sarcasm), here's a thought on a conspiracy I brought up earlier:

Lucifer was a name for the planet Venus. Lucifer means "lightbearer". Venus, being closer to the sun than the earth, remains close to the sun and can often be seen before the sun rises.

Conspiracy theorists often talk of Luciferian conspiracy--a demonic cabal, involving masons and satanists, that rules the world.

Now, Venus is a very hot planet due to the massive amounts of greenhouse gases that it contains (akin to hell, perhaps?).

Here is a list of associations and possible facts. Their veracity is in doubt, but not really by me.

Greed and greenhouse gases.
Big money and gas.
War and oil.
Politics and oil.
The suppression of alternative sources of energy by powerful energy interests.
(The suppression of non-greenhouse gas-producing energy sources by the same.)
Global warming and greenhouse gas emission.
Increase in carbon dioxide (among other greenhouse gases) due to oil-burning.
Wars fought for oil.

Now, imagine the state of our atmosphere should we continue to burn fossil fuels at an ever-increasing amount (disregarding the peak oil theory for now).

Is there a link between Venus' massive amounts of greenhouse gases (primarily CO2), and the Earth's ever-increasing amounts of greenhouse gases due to the burning of fossil fuels (producing primarily CO2)?

Is the burning of fossil fuels enforced by a greedy cabal?
Is that greedy cabal a part of some worldwide conspiracy?
Is this worldwide conspiracy really Luciferian? Not necessarily in the sense of evil, but in the sense that it comes from the planet Lucifer/Venus?
Are the Luciferians (Venutians) terraforming the Earth to more closely resemble their home planet?

I'm not the first to think of this. There was a movie with the theme of global warming induced by greenhouse gases emitted by alien factories, starring Charlie Sheen--The Arrival. Also, Nikolai Tesla was apparently privy to information that there was a conspiracy to pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. I read about this in a biography (or maybe autobiography) of his that I found in the public library in downtown Vancouver, BC. The credentials of Tesla are: he was a brilliant inventor who was responsible for much of modern technology (radio, DC current, EM weapons, etc) and he was pretty OCD/nuts.

Some people have suggested to me that this is ridiculous--why not just create factories to do it, like our sci-fi authors and NASA scientists envisioned doing on Mars? In a sense, this is a factory. Plus, there will be a lot of humans left around for the big BBQ on moving-in day. :) The answer to that argument is a difference in engineering approach. Bottom-up and accumulated, with a self-regulating and resilient system.

And finally, a thought. The whole idea of mankind steadily throwing greenhouse gases into our atmosphere to the point where we completely alter our environment is pretty hellish and demonic.

[Hi Venus/Lucifer, if you're reading this.]


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