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Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Math probably disproves Venutian atmospheric terraforming conspiracy

ok, there's no way that man-made pollution will ever come close to producing a similar amount of carbon dioxide as exists on Venus/Lucifer. The numbers are ridiculously low (see a graph) (and this pie chart).

Venus's CO2 levels are 96.5%.
Earth's CO2 levels are about 0.035%. They might be increasing at a rapid rate, but that's awfully low.

If the CO2 levels doubled every X years, it would take 11 * X years for CO2 to reach the level of atmospheric Nitrogen (about 70%). the atmosphere would be about double the density it is now. Venus's atmosphere is about 90 times the mass of Earth's. So in another 6 * X years, the Earth's CO2 density would equal that of Venus, and it would be hot!

So let's say it'll take 17 * X.

What is X?
all about Greenhouse gases on wikipedia
the current ppm is about 380, and it was about 280 pre-industrial revolution.
here's an article with a projection of between 650 and 970 ppm by 2100.

so roughly, X = 100 years (380 ppm in year 2000, times 2 is 760, which is roughly in 2100)
it'll take roughly 1700 years to reach the Venus CO2 density.

of course the math is sloppy and there are too many unknowns! For instance, if X = 50, it would take half the time. Or if there's some sort of synergy between all of the greenhouse gases produced that increases the temperature more than just CO2, than the time would be shortened.

Oh well. I thought I was onto something. I'm not discounting the theory completely, as the whole Luciferian connection in conspiracy really stands out.


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