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Monday, October 17, 2005

Form into chaos


Top British military investigator kills himself
. Yeah right. He was investigating the incident with the two British undercovers in Basra. The one that closely parallels this lesser-reported event concerning two American undercovers who looked like they were trying to blow up a car bomb who are stopped by the locals. (btw, i recommend reading xymphora blog regularly, that's where i go to get the real scoop on what's going on.)

I wrote earlier about the 2 different cases of iraqi civilians discovering bombs that had been planted by someone inside the Coalition military/mercenary forces (in my opinion this is secret agent work. cia coverts or israeli agents or something we don't even have a name for.)

BTW. I don't write everything I notice. I am not as into this blog as I used to be. Part of me is scared of the consequences, part of me is not sure I am right about any of this. Part of me wouldn't change anything in the world.

I just read a tale of Satanic child kidnapping, abuse, and sacrifice. This implicates all of the usual suspects. I suspect that this may be true.

I also suspect that I may be mind-controlled. Now before you draw any conclusions, listen: How do you know if you have multiple personalities that are well hidden? How do you know if you were sexually abused in the past and repressed the memory? How do you know if any of this satanic (ciatanic) child abuse has happened to you? If it had, you wouldn't know it!

So I suspect things like: What if I am an Agent and don't know it? What if something horrible happened to me as a kid and that's why I act as if I was abused. And it involved reptiles, or secret military bases. :)

I am ranting and maybe making a fool out of myself, but fuck it.

That article said something about close to a million slaves in the world. If that's true, that's more than 1 in 1000. I think it's interesting that a very large number of fellow humans are living in misery--slavery, war, poverty, illness, pollution, oppression, mental enslavement, ideology, nationality, materialism, spirituality, politics, rationality, learned lecturers listening, old men in robes with their toes in the dirt, holding a tablet. a buddha with big pierced ears. an old man with wisdom. a monk

oh shit, that turned into stream of consciousness. moving on. what is really going on? is the topic.

it's something that can't be named. it's something that can't be described. it's something that might be known, but it never satisfied. it never cried. it's no-thing

and then my mind is critical of this and it is worthless and the extremes of one thing

it's a dialogue
it's a schizophrenic mania
it's egos talking
the art is in the shit left behind
the propaganda from my mouth

good luck to you i wish the mouse
i caught the past couple of days



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