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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

on truth

related to that satanic child abuse article earlier, here's two web pages about the same case:
child molesters (from judicial-inc.biz, whom some would call anti-semitic or maybe anti-zionist, depending on what you believe)
or not

Zionist conspiracy. Jewish reaction to a collective horror of a history of oppression. The two intertwine. Some see all of the former, some see all of the latter. It is difficult to talk about this because of the latter.

I think a basic point of this blog is that there is conspiracy. Certainly not everywhere that it is claimed.

Conspiracy is natural: people consolidating power and pursuing their desires by whatever means are at hand (often including deception)

However, crazy coincidences do not mean conspiracy, as the world seems to run off of crazy coincidences. Personally, this happens all of the time, and is not evidence of someone's manipulation. Unless, of course, you wish to talk about a conspiracy by God, or the universe. I would certainly agree to that.

As I've said before, bring astrology into it and you remove a lot of the apparent free will. There's a duality of perception, neither of which is "true": I made a choice and ended up in this situation / This situation was fated to happen and my choice was illusion.

So perhaps there is a conspiracy of the elements, the gods, the planets, the demons, the angels, the aliens, and all of the humans. Everyone's death, life, and common events are intertwined in this. Some would say it is for spiritual salvation or enlightenment, but that is a one-sided goal. An arrow unbalanced by its counterpart pointing the other way.

I think one of the silliest things in life is to strive for the positive. It's just as silly as trying to be as negative as possible.

It is a universal conspiracy and a free-will game. A battle of good and evil. The two completely annihilate each other perpetually--did they ever exist? Only in perception. Only in YOUR perception.


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