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Monday, April 18, 2005


here's some other viewpoints on hitler.
hitler was a fucking nut, with syphilis rotting his brain.

hmm... i could be very wrong: (the rise of hitler)

nazis boycott jewish shops (standard view)
compare to:
the views of diplomats during this time

see, the whole point of the last article is that Jews owned most of the shit! so that the anti-jewish reaction by the "popular german movement" is understandable. i'm not saying genocide is justified (or implicated). i'm saying maybe it was a socialist revolutionary matter--putting the power into the majority's hands.

here's a flavor (a BOOK) of the revisionist holocaust history (as posted earlier but not talked about)

to stir things up, hitler didn't kill himself and in fact fled to the south pole. :)
wow, that site just keeps going on and on. in effect, the nazis still exist.
wow that site is far out.. draconians, underground cities, etc


Anonymous Collectors Cards said...

this post is a fun title to find. It just amused me when I came across it on my search
for Memorabelia in these blogs. Amazing what you can find and where you end up.

12:05 PM  

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