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Sunday, April 10, 2005

so some people think i'm an anti-semite cause of the last post (and others). tell you what: i write in a spirit of "what if". i write opinions that i dont always believe. i draw conclusions and say arguments cause it might be true. If there's one thing I've learned from all of my schooling, it's that all of my schooling was biased, much of it was untrue, much of it was propaganda, much of it (especially the science) was disproved a hundred years ago but is accepted as a matter of faith among scientists and educators.

YOU ARE BEING LIED TO. every fucking day in the press. every fucking lesson in school. everytime you hear that we need a new coal plant, to drill for oil in alaska, to go to war, to buy coca-cola cause it's safe, to get a new cell phone, to etc etc etc.

One of the biggest knee-jerk reactions I have encountered in my life, both in other people and in myself, is that of the holocaust: The holocaust happened (in the way taught--6.5 million jews dead); the allies were the good guys and fought the war to stop it; Israel is a totally benign country, etc. Even saying something like, "Zionists dictate American foreign policy," is considered hate-speech. Let me analyze that:

Zionists: Jews/Israelis who want to establish a homeland.
American foreign policy: war.
:) yeah that's my opinion, but just pick up some alternative histories and analyses of american foreign policy to figure that one out.

Shit, what if Zionists did dictate foreign policy? Now, would that mean that every Jewish person (Jew) was involved in a conspiracy? Nope. I mean it's not even true that the majority of Jews support the government of Israel.

Shit again. The people that run any country are in the vast minority. And it's scheming as holy fuck. Do Zionists influence American foreign policy? Hell yeah. Do lobbyists influence American legislation/policy? Oh you bet your ass. Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11? Do Saudis have an influence? Yes. etc etc

WHAT IF. and i do mean what if (that means think when you read this. dont just react and go with it).

WHAT IF the holocaust story was, in many respects, made up to justify establishing a homeland for the Jews post WW2? And was used to justify the war for the guys who won? (E.g. forget about all of those carpet bombings and the 10 million or so German civilians that died from Allied bombs, forget about the millions (20?) who died in Stalin's purges, forget about the 10 million or so Chinese who died from who knows what, etc)

Now, what if the holocaust story is used to continually shield the fuckers in the goverment of Israel from actual criticism? I mean you can't talk about Israel without everybody thinking, "poor Jews. the holocaust happened to them."

It wouldn't be the first time a big cover story was used to cover up atrocity. For instance, I wasn't taught in school about all of the indians that died. but I was taught about the thanksgiving dinner. i wasn't taught about how maybe the 2nd or 3rd dinner was used to assassinate the local indian leaders (i think that link is somewhere on my page).

Ok yeah I'm ranting. And I could be totally wrong about the holocaust stuff. I dont know. What I do know is that I publish that shit, and maybe a couple people read it a day. I publish it and it's a dose of opposition to all the bullshit propaganda that every one of us carries around in our heads.


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