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Friday, December 08, 2006

Tom Bearden's views on the origin of AIDS


the guy who is at the forefront of free energy development talks about aids and biowarfare. he is fairly sure the kgb was responsible, but if you set that aside, there's some very interesting stuff here about the spread of aids through the WHO's smallpox vaccine, and:

a set of experiments wherein 2 identical culture of cells are kept separated by glass/quartz. one is killed through whatever means. if the other culture is separated by glass it lives normally. if it is separated by quartz, it dies in an identical way as its partner on the other side of the window, with a time delay of a few hours. i guess quartz transmits more frequencies of light than glass.

here's the details:
search for Kaznacheyev (the author of those experiments)

now this strikes me as being similar to homeopathy. for example, in homeopathy, a tiny bit of snake venom will cure a snake venom bite. the snake venom is heavily diluted. in fact, the more diluted it is, the more powerful the cure.

this energetic/EM healing relates to a great many inventions. perhaps the most well known of these is Rife's.


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