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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


yeah sometimes i think the videogame prevalence is in some way a recruiting tool for the military. like how the school system was modelled after the prussian school system. these big-fat-cat industrialists made it so turn of last century, to enable their big factories and probably armies. well prussia was great at making armies. raised a bunch of em. napoleonic wars, ww1, ww2. (i guess every country back then did the same thing).

but anyway, desensitization to violence, along with quick reflexes and some basic mind skills involved in war. i know there's research that shows videogames alter the brain makeup.

but then men have been killing men forever.

here's a crazy example.

these days i've been really into war documentaries.

i was reading about the haitian revolution and the french revolution.

as it turns out there were an awful lot of revolutions in this time period. (incl. american)
my friend thinks it has to do with the pluto cycle. when it goes from sagitarrius to capricorn. last time it did that it was bout 1760. so the footsoldiers of the revolutions were kids born with a pluto on the winter solstice cusp b/t sag and cap. the leaders were older. kids being born right now (culminating in a year) have this cusp. and we're the older ones.

this happened all over europe and its colonies. i dont know much about the rest of the world yet.


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