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Thursday, December 07, 2006


check out the disclosure project. (video.google search. lookat the press conference and the 2 parts of the interviews (1 2))

basically, about 400 government/military/intelligence insiders with various high credentials and clearances come forward about ufo/alien encounters and secret government complicity/agreements with said aliens.
there are only 2 options left at this point as far as the alien question goes:
1) it is wholly a hoax perpetuated by an intelligence agency/organization
2) it is real

the scope of the disclosure project precludes any other option. imo.
BIG CAVEAT: much of the information about aliens will be option 1 (hoax perpetuated by intelligence agencies) to cover up the reality.

i'm inclined to believe that they do exist. at the same time i can see the possibility of massive fraud in order to cover up secret weapons programs and to fuck with people. but shit, i know people who have seen aliens. and in the spirit of as above, so below, i think: why not?

why wouldnt a species that was more capable than humanity exist? one which had better technology, more capable sensory organs, more capable mobility, and the ability to dominate and control humans.
humans dominate the planet's lifeforms. why couldnt something dominate humans?

if you had asked the average greek on the street circa 500 BC, could humanity destroy the life of the oceans, melt glaciers (if they knew about em), fly from athens to the furthest reaches of the known world in a few hours, transplant a kidney, easily kill another human with this fancy stick far beyond visible range (ie. gun), CREATE infectious diseases (if they knew about em), make a synthetic hallucinagen, talk to the other 6 billion people in real time from anywhere on the globe (if they knew of the globe), and have computers (how the fuck would you explain that one?)?

i bet the average greek wouldnt believe it. destroy the life of the oceans? go to the moon? have wars in which a tens of millions of people would die? drive around in CARS?

so watch that disclosure project stuff. and try to exscuse the somewhat dorky intro to the press conference by an actor.


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