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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

100,000 radiations

what the fuck? (and here) i'm not trying to pick on Jews here, but fuck. apparently there is now a documentary out detailing an event in 1951. Essentially, the U.S. paid Israel (or its Health Minister) to irradiate the heads of 100,000 moroccan jews who had immigrated (called sephardi). all kids. all under the pretext of getting rid of worms. the radiation was incredible, and they're all really sick if not dead or dumb.

and get this:
apparently the u.s.a bought 4500 yemeni children, from the same people, with which to test nuclear bombs on.

i dont know. is this true?
if this is true. then how much of a leap is to assume that either
a) these leaders of israel aided the holocaust OR
b) they made it up OR
c) some of both

You follow me here? If the leaders of the early state of Israel were able to shoot 100,000 non-european jewish kids with 35,000 times the "safe" dose of XRAYS, and sell 4500 more as livestock for the american nuke project, how much of a stretch is it to think that they might have had some sort of hand in the holocaust?


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