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Sunday, July 17, 2005

war in july

some night
martial law will be declared
and simultaneously
a list of dissidents in every town will be rounded up
potential revolutionaries
smart kids
smart independent and pissed off people
rounded up so that the transition is smooth
and the machinery of war
will be handed
into the sons of mankind's hands
and metal will fly from their selves
erupting in bursts of gunpowder.
flying out and tearing into flesh
and throwing flame and mortar
rounds bombs napalm
bodies will tear
cities will burn
whole peoples will flee the country
murder rampant
rape and pillage
nuclear winter in australia
and death for many by bullet
by violent movement of mortar
flying beams and nails and flame.

new nations will be born
great deeds on the battlefields shorn
and bloody hands will shake
when their sons and daughters are slaked.
when our sons and daughters and fathers and mothers are baked chopped and simmered.

the end cry many
on battlefields
in backyards
holding daughters
clutching rifles

thrown onto beaches
into battlefields with breeches
and a gun
and some instructions
and a lot of machinery on both sides
killing flesh
rending the thresh
one big bloody saw
grinding up no one saw
a sacrificial altar
an ending point of dualism.
two sides hating the other
sacrificing lives of the other

nation A or nation B
one side wins, the other is swallowed


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