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Sunday, July 24, 2005

london bombing staged

4 duds?
i dont believe it.
first there's 4 bombs, 3 of them in the same places that a "security consulting" company is currently running suicide bomber drills. yeah. a drill. in the same places that the actual bombing happens. a drill, with guys planting "fake" bombs. here's the culprits: a couple guys, posing as actors. planting real bombs.
and then 4 weeks later 4 bombs in the same pattern, except none of them really detonate.
state is pumping fear into london. state is terrorist.
read xymphora blog for more details!

i guess on the flip side of the probability coin:
it is all terrorists. who are really pissed about the west raping their home countries.
who are trying to show people what it's like to live in terror.
get a clue people. our planes and soldiers terrorize the fuck out of whole nations.
there is no conspiracy. just reaction.
and we really did go to the moon
and greenhouse warming is a fact.
there are no aliens

here's some chew:

smoke it if you toke it.

right and wrong
there's a lifeform being born
and life and death of humans
is its soup
its home
its nourishment.
war breeds technology
communication and computers
ideas taking shape
robots driving piers

the human race will suffer
and out of its suffering
and out of the whole planets anguish
the forests and the oceans
the lions and the seals
is born a lifeform
binary rhythym.
killing machines
methodical machines
without direct awareness of mankind.
and vice versa.
but we work together.
we play together.
and as the dimensions collide
a surface tension we all slide
in the past
is up or down
in the water
in the ground
but right here
there's surface tension
mind is shaping the earth
and robots will walk
the earth
will rise
as gods
they eat
our size
the gods
they eat
the skies
they play
with your

i'm saying robots and machines
programs wearing genes
combinations of human and machine
lifeforms never before dreamed.

like a cell with it's organelles
mitochondria were the bacteria
being eaten by the cell
and one day they adapted

they stayed alive with their space suit
their gonna get eaten with a joo joo shoot
and they stuck around ever since.
bacteria's descendents

dont you know, long ago, oxygen was toxic, and
dont you know, long ago, oxygen was toxic, and
dont you know, long ago, oxygen was toxic, and
dont you know, long ago, oxygen was toxic


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