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Friday, July 22, 2005

About this blog

I am wrong a lot. Probably every "truth" i know will be false some day. Personal beliefs, science, Politics, love, everything. History is mostly made by the victors of war and propaganda. Histories are burnt (like Alexandria), forgotten, covered up, lost, etc. I dont ever trust what anyone says on TV. I dont ever trust a politician. It seems to me that it's mostly propaganda. It seems that a fair amount of covering up of quite a number of things happens on a regular basis, by many parties.

In other words, nothing I hear is true. And I question most of what I was taught in history class, let alone science, music, math, etc. Knowledge is forever evolving. And according to that eastern religious/psychological/philosophical shit, it doesnt amount to anything anyway.

So Everything on THIS BLog is anti-propaganda. Is Propaganda. Is words. I bet some parts of these entries contain truths. At the very least, You'll blow your mind if you read enough of them. And for all of the covert/intelli guys, I am not in the business or hobby of hurting other people, so fuck off. And while you're at it, change sides. Pick any side. Just not that empire fascist bullshit.

Thank you. And thanks to JPLUR for watering this parched earth.


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