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Friday, December 08, 2006

if you like to be offended, read this

white supremacists who quote hitler and say "danke" a lot: (forum, store, radioshow)
i find this really offensive.

i think about racism a lot. in myself. about judging people and groups of people. my distaste for zionism sometimes spreads to judaism. generalizing about a subset of a group. letting an opinion of a small thing spread to the larger thing containing that small thing.

have you ever done that? form a judgement about a person's actions, and then that person as a whole? or a few people as representatives of a group?

i think this is natural. judgement. i think it's the basic method for class and racial hatred. possibly ethnic strife and war.

i have a theory about african americans, or black people in the united states. i think it would be fair to say that the average young black kids are fairly different than the average young black kids in africa. same goes for young white kids in america vs. europe. america is a fucked up place. but black people have a special history of oppression here in the states. a long horrible history of slavery. brutal oppression.

in the curious mix of pop culture and brainwashing that is america, an entire oppressed RACE is still defending itself from the majority race. ie. there is still racism.

i think there is a big EGO issue. somehow, in some way, this came about or was cultivated in black people in america. it probably has a lot to do with the MASSIVE INCARCERATION of black people, especially young black men.

it's pretty fucking stupid to say that black people are inherently dumb and violent. this is what the white supremacists say. i say, look at what this country has done to black people, for hundreds of years. what happens when you abuse a child? what happens when you abuse, torture, segregate, imprison, and force crack onto a child? that child gets very fucked up. and rightfully pissed off.

it's like how some french get pissed off at their black algerian immigrants. well fuck, you idiots, you colonized and oppressed them for quite a long time. you abused them. a collective them. a collective child. and now that child is growing up. it's your fault. it's a collective your fault.

we're all going to have to overcome and forgive each other's shit. what our ancestors did to our ancestors.

i dont know how to resolve what i first brought up. but lemme say this. i dont like zionists cause they are hypocritical about the value of human life. i'll support anyone whose people are killed unjustly. palestinians. iraqis. pretty much all of africa. the oceans. the underdog.

i'll never like the rich or the powerful. but i eat meat. *shrug*
maybe morals just mean shit.


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