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Sunday, July 18, 2004

3 Decades of mysterious livestock "Mutilation"

In the 1970's, American newspapers were flooded with articles on the new phenomenom of Cattle Mutilation. Since 1967, 60,000 cases have been documented of large livestock, mainly cattle and horses, found dead with precise segments of flesh removed. The matter remained a mystery, even after an FBI investigation. Eventually the media stopped reporting the incedents, and the ranchers stopped talking about their ongoing occurance.

Most of the footage i have seen is from the documentary "A Strange Harvest" by Linda Moulton Howe. Mutilation targets are found untouched by scavengers, and devoid of signs of struggle or blood. Often the anus is bored out and the genitalia are removed. In one animal, the flesh of the head was removed, leaving the clean bones and a clean cut line - devoid of ripping or tearing. Forensics show that the flesh is cooked in the areas around the incision. Many cases of bore holes into the brain.

Strange lights, silent helicopters, and tripod indentations around the corpses lead many to blame UFOs for the mutilations.

What I think; Aliens are systematically studying large mammels, one organ or body type at a time. They are specifically interested in our reproductive systems. What can be guessed from the methods of the mutilations?

1. Their ships are small, unable to hold the entire carcass of a grown cow.
2. They can quickly immobalize large mammels, possibly leaving them alive as samples are removed.
3. Tools used to dissect largly based on heat to burn precise incision lines.
4. Their ships must land to accomplish this.
5. They are being cautious with their studies, assuming we will not put the pieces together and mobilize against them over a few thousand cattle mutilations a year.
6. They worry about us mobilizing against them.

a few links(I suggest you track down "A Strange Harvest"
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