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Saturday, July 17, 2004


so.. theres some archeological evidence of grey aliens in the himalayas.

from their physical appearance, it seems that a llama and an indiginous people descended from some greys.

there is a tradition in tibetan buddhism, of a place called
shambhala. it is the mystical/mythical kingdom of

now, chogyam trungpa talks about this (has a book called "shambhala") in terms of buddhism/mysticism.

he, and others, have also talked about this as a physical location, not
on this earth. either inside the earth (hollow earth?) or in
another place/dimension. i remember a couple descriptions, once
is of immortal vampires, another is of a land of bliss, populated by
all sorts of beings living in harmony.

so what if that is a historical actuality? what if this land of
shambhala is in fact a place where some "aliens" have come from?
or continue to come from?

this is similar to the nephilim--the giants of the old testament who
walked the earth. the "angels". the big alien dudes with
"magic"/technology that ruled the land.


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