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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

so... what if (and this is not a new one folks):
the cancer foundation doesn't actually want to stop cancer?
with a combination of planted agents and a bunch of your standard toe-the-line people that always prop up whatever is the dominant faith, it keeps cancer killing.

how many times have you heard of miracle cures?
how many times have you heard of miracle engines?
how many times have you heard of suppression of movements, laws, technology, etc. beneficial to removing humanity's suffering?

what if the cancer foundation, the aids foundation, the CDC, the WHO, are all essentially death-promoting organizations?

is it easier to manage a population that is:
1. continually in pain
dependent on capitalism/paying the energy/dr bills
2. healthy
"enlightened"/educated/free to expand their horizons
independently producing own energy, acquiring any medicine

there's my reasoning.
not hard to find supporting or ridiculing articles about this.


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