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Friday, March 12, 2004

Hello people.
I have fantasies about an underground guerilla network.
Martial artists, crazy scientists.
The troops would wield force weaponry. Force-shields protect against the bullets.
Special swords and pole-arms with vibrating energy laden tips.
Cut through tank armor like butter.

And a teleporting technology.
Leave the earth and hide in another dimension.
Establish a base in some other timeness.
One day, a teleport unit will get captured, and the best commando they've got will come check it out.

Hiding away in the Jurassic. Or on venus.

This tech is doable. I once read about a flying saucer made of wood!\ Honeycomb structure gave it anti-gravity properties.
"cavity structural effect (CSE)"
Viktor S. Grebennikov (Natural Phenomena of Biological Antigravitation associated with invisibility in insects).


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