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Thursday, October 02, 2003


Yeah, I know. You think that this is just horseshit conspiracy rant. You hear "flouride is bad" and you think, Dr. Strangelove and that general's love of the purity of body fluids.

How much of the flouride in the water that you drink ends up on your teeth? How much ends up in your bones? In your brain?
Say you drink a glass of red Kool-aid. How much of the red in that whole glass of sugar goodness ends up on your teeth? And how much ends up in your body?

Flouride: Brought to you by the people who brought you Atomic Bombs.

Research shows that whatever part of the body it ends up in, with the possible (but not necessarily so) exception of your teeth, it shouldn't be there. It's not good for your bones (weakens em); it's not good for your brain (impairs it).
And guess what, it ends up accumulating in your pineal gland, the third eye.

The Effects of Fluoride on the Brain.
The Absurdities of Water Fluoridation

Big surprise. Big Bro puts metallic compound in water that makes people servile: crippling their memory functions and even their fucking third eye.

The origin of this is the nuclear industry (tho I can't find a reference online at the moment other than this: The nuclear energy establishment wants to cash in on South Africa's controversial chemical "tooth medicine" plan). When the first a-bombs were being created, there was all of this leftover flouride compound from the nuclear fuel processing.

I am a zombie. Gaarrrr


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