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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

ASPARTAME (nutrasweet)

aspartame kills, makes ill, and rots your brain:
Kentucky - Aspartame Death Capital of the US
conspiracy of aspartame
G.D.Searle, maker of nutrasweet (aspartame). owned by Monsanto. Yeah, Monsanto.
Rumsfeld was CEO of G.D.Searle at one point.

so here's a good question: are all of the crazy chemical that we find in our food and water just the result of capitalism? ie bad shit in the food and drink cause of greed?
OR is it a deliberate poisoning of Americans (and everyone else to some degree)?
flouride, nutrasweet, corn syrup, MSG, cell phone microwaves, TV radiation...

The net result of all of the bad shit in the food, drink, airwaves, etc is a subjugation of the population. Ill-health and poor mental capacity means no revolution.

Even if it's not a grand conspiracy, why do the alternative treatments that work get shut down?
Why do the bad chemical additives increase in the foods? Why do alternative energy sources fail to materialize? How come people are watching TV or listening to commercial radio ALL THE TIME?


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